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Here are some of the rave reviews Ray has received for The Honey, Garlic and Vinegar Miracle, join the thousands of happy readers and discover the benefits of honey, garlic and vinegar.

"It's really good - very informative and not at all stuffy. "
Alison Page

"The only trouble with it, I have lent it to my next door neighbour, it seems she is in no hurry to give it back to me! I have also bought some of Manuka Honey, its great."
Joan Prentice

"Thanks so much for 'the book'....wonderful advice. I am doing great things with the honey, garlic and vinegar and feel so energised it's not true. My ever sceptical husband is being obedient and having the honey and vinegar as a first drink in the morning and garlic wherever I can use it. He says he feels full of energy too and hopefully the HGV will help the aches and pains. Something has improved his rockin' and rollin'!"
Sheila Cucknell

"Very informative and I love the historical snippets too."
Jackie Brooks

"It's brilliant. Apart from all the remedies etc. it is such a good, humorous
read. I couldn't put it down."


"What a triumph. Thank you so much.... I am reading it avidly at the moment....
Just bought a new jar of Manuka honey which I take regularly. Today I feel I am starting a chest cold so will be brewing up Manuka, Cider Vinegar and hot water and may even add garlic!"

Eleanor Smith

"Thanks for the "Green Bay Harvest" recommendation. I've been taking Manuka 10+ for some time, but it's good to know I'm doing the right thing. After all, we can see the outside of our bodies, but what goes on in the inside is a mystery, until we get ill, then it's one test after another, so this info is great. I now take Organic cider vinegar, honey and Lemon in hot water every morning."
Jan Heaver

"By the way, loved your book. I have been using Manuka honey for ages. I sent for a couple of bottles of cider applevinegar and honey and more of the Green Bay honey. It's delicious."
Joanne Stott

"I also wanted to thank you for your excellent book, The HGV Miracle. I can vouch for the fact that the cider vinegar in warm water really does settle upset stomachs, for which I was very grateful last night. My apologies if I have the title of the book slightly wrong but I have just lent it (a huge personal sacrifice!) to son Tim for him to look at/try therecipe for psoriasis."
Jenny Howett

"I received your book last week. absolutely fantastic. it has even converted my husband to looking at more natural remedies to use. Thanks once again."

"I developed something in my arm about 2ins from base of hand, by evening it was swollen and had a red line running up my arm complete with a small mucky hole in middle of swelling. I had read in your book about using honey on wounds so decided to give it a go. My word you were right, by morning the swelling was practically gone no red going up my arm just a small hole in arm which I have redone with honey. I am so pleased I bought your book."

"Excellent book - need I say more?"
Gabriella Londero